Over 100 years' combined experience finding top talent

Over 100 years' combined experience finding top talent

Recruitment experts with specialists across four niche areas

With more than 100 years’ combined experience in the recruitment industry, The Talent Experts is a specialist permanent recruitment consultancy working across industry; with a focus on finding elusive, scarce-skill business talent in complex and niche sectors.

We aim to create quality relationships between ourselves, our clients, and ultimately between long-term employee and employer partners. In doing so our goal is to help people achieve their ambitions, help businesses flourish, and improve the world we live in through positive and passionate connections.

The Talent Experts is a level 4 B-BBEE supplier.

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Our four niche areas:


Unearth a world of technical expertise with our Engineering Division. Specialising in sectors from renewable energy to civil, mining, industrial and more, we bridge the gap between exceptional talent and South Africa’s industry leaders.

Financial Services

Welcome to our Financial Services Division. Specialising in roles from banking to asset management, insurance, and more, we facilitate the meeting of extraordinary talent with South Africa’s top financial institutions.

Information Technology

Explore our IT Division, your gateway to the digital future. Specialising in roles across software development, cybersecurity, data analysis, and more, we connect extraordinary talent with South Africa’s leading tech companies.

Commercial / Financial

Experience our Commercial/Financial team, the hub for operational excellence. Specialising in finance, HR, sales, marketing, logistics, and operations, we align extraordinary talent with top businesses across a spectrum of industries.

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Claudette has done a marvellous job in handling negotiation, keeping me abreast with any updates, gave me a courtesy calls throughout the daunting anxious interview process to affirm and inspire me. And importantly, centered my interest at heart as if it were her own. Thanks to Nadine and whole team as well. Every aspect of experience exceeded my expectations.
Sandy is always my go to recruiter for any position. She has grown with our business and understands the business a bit better with each role that we fulfill. It is always a pleasure working with Sandy as she keeps you updated along the process.
Great personality, friendly, motivational calming personality. Lisa-Mari goes out of her way to provide guidance with CV construction, interview preparation and provides constructive feedback post interview. Is actively involved and gives personal attention to her candidate.
Brigitte and Talent Experts was an amazing find. I am happy with the support and advice provided and am looking forward to a long relationship with her and the team!
Professional and efficient, Angelique demonstrated a thorough understanding of what I'm looking for on the market and provided personalized support throughout the recruitment process. Her communication was clear and timely, and she showed a genuine interest in finding the right fit for me. I would highly recommend her services to anyone seeking a recruitment agent.
We gave Angelique a requirement and she managed to find what we were looking for. We tried to use many other agencies but they did not seem to understand our needs and this is where Angelique excelled.
With all due reality and honesty, the process of the client hiring is so demanding, we have gone through two phases so far of the recruitment process. Luckily from the first telephonic conversation I had with Katharina, she literally explained the in depth process of the client. This made me comfortable and know actually what to expect. Katharina has been supportive in this regard to a point that even if the client doesn't take me up,I am more than willing for her to submit my cv to any other client. She's extremely professional.
It is an absolute please to work with Claudette as she understands our business and our needs!
Olivia, is a superstar she helped me and guided me from the first call every step of the way. keep the good work up!!
Sandy is a consummate professional. She is an expert in recruitment but more importantly she's agile in her approach. Taking into consideration the specific needs of the business, the market and the culture. It is rare to find a recruiter who delivers on all three of these aspects as consistently and professionally as she does. It's a pleasure working with her!
Roxanne is extremely thorough. She is very passionate about her job and made me feels very comfortable and not nervous ar all. I am excited to be walking this journey with her.
Sarah is very personable and easy to conversate with. Sarah makes the candidate feel well heard, understood and extends compassion and empathy. She is a jobseekers dream partner and makes sure you are well suited for your role, all while being thorough and personalised. What a stella job she does and more so human being! Talent Experts is lucky to have her!
Sandy Bremner! Where do I begin. Absolutely amazing recruiter. Sandy made the whole Recruitment process such an amazing experience. The continous support from advising you with great tips to always providing feedback. I have never come across a recruiter this passionate and enthusiastic. She is just that good!
We battled for months to find decent candidates for the sales role we had open. I contacted Angelique via her colleague, she explained the way she and the business operated. We discussed the role and our expectation, she completely understood what was needed. 2 candidates were put forward, both of which were extremely high quality, we hired one of them. (we would have hired the other candidate but the role and his goal were not the same). Angelique's service was excellent and my suggestion to anyone looking for people is go with a company that know what they are doing, Talent Experts.

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In the dynamic landscape of South African engineering, The Talent Experts stand as a beacon for both aspiring professionals and industry-leading companies. Our Engineering Division embodies a symbiosis of recruitment – we connect the brightest minds in engineering with the most forward-thinking companies across diverse sectors.

We have deep-rooted understanding in a multitude of industries: renewable energy, civil engineering, mining engineering, industrial engineering, manufacturing, and more. Our expansive network and extensive industry knowledge enable us to source candidates for even the most specialist roles, ensuring a match that propels both parties forward.

Our focus is on quality. We treat each recruitment drive with meticulous attention to detail, whether we’re helping a civil engineer find their next challenge, assisting a mining company in securing a problem-solving project manager, or guiding a renewable energy startup to their ideal candidate.

At The Talent Experts’ Engineering Division, we’re committed to achieving your goals. Experience the unity of industry insight, expansive network, and unwavering dedication to success, where we bridge the divide between ambition and accomplishment in South Africa’s vibrant engineering sector.

Embark on a journey through South Africa’s diverse financial services sector with The Talent Experts. Our Financial Services Division serves as the connecting point between talented professionals and esteemed financial institutions, ensuring a seamless recruitment experience for both.

Our areas of concentration span a broad spectrum of financial sectors: banking, asset management, wealth management, insurance, financial consulting, administrative outsourcing, and more. Leveraging our extensive network and profound industry knowledge, we excel in pairing the ideal candidates with highly specialised roles, propelling both parties towards unprecedented success.

Quality is the cornerstone of our recruitment approach. Each campaign is conducted with meticulous attention to detail. Whether we’re assisting an asset manager seeking the next growth opportunity, guiding a wealth management firm in their search for an astute financial advisor, or aiding an administrative outsourcing company to locate an exceptional fund accountant, our team is dedicated to achieving your goals.

Experience the difference at The Talent Experts’ Financial Services Division. Our unparalleled industry insight, vast professional network, and unwavering commitment to success serve as the bridge between aspiration and achievement in South Africa’s vibrant financial services sector.

Step into the future of technology with The Talent Experts. Our IT Division represents a confluence of pioneering professionals and South Africa’s most innovative tech firms, orchestrating a seamless recruitment experience for both.

Our specialities span a broad range of IT sectors: software development, cybersecurity, data analysis, network administration, and beyond. Leveraging our expansive network and profound industry knowledge, we adeptly place the right candidates in the most specialized roles, fuelling mutual growth and success.

Quality is the cornerstone of our recruitment philosophy. Each recruitment drive is executed with meticulous attention to detail. Whether we’re supporting a software developer poised for their next big move, guiding a tech firm in their search for a top-tier cybersecurity expert, or aiding a start-up in locating their dream data analyst, our team is dedicated to achieving your aspirations.

Discover the difference at The Talent Experts’ IT Division. Our unparalleled industry insight, comprehensive professional network, and unwavering commitment to success bridge the gap between ambition and achievement in South Africa’s vibrant tech sector.

Embark on a journey of operational expertise with The Talent Experts. Our Commercial/Financial team stands at the intersection of multifaceted professionals and dynamic businesses, facilitating a seamless recruitment experience across numerous industries.

Our expertise spans a broad range of operational sectors: finance, human resources, sales, marketing, logistics, operations, and more. With our vast network and profound industry knowledge, we efficiently match candidates to specialised roles across varied industries, fostering a synergy that drives success.

Quality forms the bedrock of our recruitment philosophy. Each campaign is orchestrated with acute attention to detail. Whether we’re aiding a financial controller in finding their next opportunity, supporting a firm in their search for a creative marketing director, assisting a logistics company to secure a highly-skilled operations manager, or helping an HR specialist step into their ideal role, our team is committed to realising your ambitions.

Experience the difference with The Talent Experts’ Commercial/Financial team. Our unrivalled industry insight, vast professional network, and steadfast dedication to success create a bridge between ambition and accomplishment in South Africa’s diverse business landscape.