Claudette du Preez

Divisional Head Financial Services & Special Projects

In her role as Divisional Head of Financial Services & Special Projects at The Talent Experts, Claudette has proven herself a true industry virtuoso. Leveraging her depth of experience and market insights, Claudette expertly navigates the complex landscapes of asset management, wealth management, investment administration, private equity, and consulting.

Having been with The Talent Experts for over four years, Claudette’s journey began as a Specialist Recruitment Consultant, then Senior Consultant & Operations Manager, before being elevated to her current role in 2023. Her comprehensive understanding of both client and candidate needs, combined with a relentless drive, has established her as a formidable force in recruitment.

Claudette specialises in addressing the nuanced challenges businesses face while hiring, and the struggles candidates often encounter during job hunts. Her process is both simple and effective; it prioritizes understanding the needs, skills, and culture fit for each party involved, to ensure successful placement within a maximum of 10 working days.

Prior to joining The Talent Experts, Claudette held significant roles at DAV Professional Placement Group, including Team Leader of Financial Markets, Principal Consultant, and Senior Consultant. As a Team Leader, she not only managed a high-performing team of consultants but was also instrumental in the branch’s day-to-day back-office operations, making her a strategic all-rounder.

Whether she’s securing top industry talents for clients or guiding candidates in their career journey, Claudette’s unwavering dedication, industry acumen, and personable approach make her an invaluable asset in the realm of talent acquisition.

Claudette du Preez The Talent Experts
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