How to handle your resignation

Resigning can be daunting right?

As much as you can be loyal to your Company, in all honesty, are they really looking out for YOU. You need to look out for you. But, you can handle it with respect and professionalism.

Here are some steps to help:

* Consider the timing: I’ve found with my candidates most of them try put it off for as long as possible. BUT, trust me, the longer you leave it, the more anxiety builds. It’s like a bandage, rip it off. Try to give your employer enough notice so they have time to find a replacement.

* Write a resignation letter: Include your name, position, date of resignation and your last day of work. Always nice to express gratitude for the opportunities you had.

* Schedule a meeting: Better to discuss your resignation in person. Take a copy of your resignation letter.

* You don’t need to explain why you’re leaving, that is a personal choice. If you do, do it professionally and respectfully. Avoid criticizing the company or your colleagues.

* Offer to help with the transition: Offer to help by training a replacement, creating documentation for your role, or assisting with any outstanding tasks before you leave.

*Finish strong – remain professional and respectful throughout the resignation process.

Your employer may be disappointed or even upset, but by handling the situation with tact and grace, you can leave on a positive note and maintain a good professional reputation.

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