Using LinkedIn to look for new jobs

If you’re thinking about actively starting to look for a new position and want to use LinkedIn as a tool (which is a great idea) but you don’t want your current employer finding out that you are open to hearing about new opportunities here is a cool tip that I learnt at the LinkedIn session that I attended last week:

Go to “Open To” on your profile page –> fill in what you would be interested in in terms of title, area, type of work and then –> click on “Recruiters Only” – this way you are guaranteed to come up for recruiters that are looking for your skills but you won’t have the green “Open to Work” banner on your profile for all to see.

Good luck for your search if you are in the job market! And if you aren’t I would always suggest being open to having a chat with a good recruiter who specialises in your market – you never know what’s out there!

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