Why you should be adding REAL reasons for leaving on your CV

Including reasons for leaving previous positions on your CV can provide valuable information to potential employers. It helps them understand your career trajectory and gain insight into your work history. By providing reasons for leaving, you can demonstrate your professionalism, honesty, and transparency, which are all desirable traits in an employee.

Moreover, explaining why you left previous positions can help you address any potential concerns that a potential employer may have about your employment history. For example, if you left a job due to a company downsizing, including this information can alleviate any concerns that the employer may have about your performance or work ethic.

In some cases, not providing reasons for leaving a job on your CV may raise red flags for employers. They may wonder if there were any issues or challenges that led to your departure that you are trying to hide. Being upfront about your reasons for leaving can help you build trust with potential employers and make a stronger case for why you are the right candidate for the job.

Overall, including reasons for leaving on your CV can provide important context about your career and demonstrate your professionalism and honesty to potential employers.

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